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voluntary blood donation for fighting against the covid-19 outbreak and devotion of love warms spring day - hualan people are in action

release date:2020-03-25

there is no love in epidemic, but we have love in humans heart. voluntary blood donation shows true love. at present, the whole nation are fighting the virus blocking action as one. the sudden outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic situation results in extreme shortage of blood in national clinical medical institutions. to relieve blood pressure in medical organizations of levels and guarantee safe and effective supply of blood for emergency treatment and emergency clinical use during the epidemic situation, on march 23, the company carried out voluntary blood donation activity together with jiangyin red cross society blood station, proposing hualan employees to actively join in the voluntary blood donation group in this special situation of fighting against the covid-19 outbreak and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control action with practical action.

to guarantee blood donation safety for blood donors, the company, together with jiangyin red cross society blood station, formulated scientific and standard prevention and control measures. donors filled in the information, measured body indexes and were drawn blood in strict accordance with blood sampling procedure of “keeping a safe distance, wearing masks in the whole course, measuring body temperature, health consultation and health examination” and under the guidance of voluntary blood donation service volunteers and blood sampling staffs.

 compared with so many medical workers rising to the challenge, what hualan people did is not a big deal. donation of their warm blood is to protect others’ life. as a member of drug packaging material industry, hualan people write their original intention in action and implement mission on their positions. hualan employees would like to rush in the front and proceed without hesitation to donate blood voluntarily and do whatever they could for the society to pass love on.

blood sampling site with love surging  

hualan blood donors were screened with the help of city blood station work staffs. those conforming to blood donation standard were sampled in order. in extraordinary times that the whole city are fighting against the covid-19 outbreak, hualan employees are willing to make contribution and guard life with blood. there are total 21 people successfully donating blood in this activity and the cumulative blood donation is up to 6800 milliliter.

after completing voluntary blood donation, they all expressed that it was meaningful to be able to attend blood donation activity under the circumstance of severe epidemic prevention and control situation and urgent shortage of blood in the whole city. we should do our bit as it is practical for us to devote our love to the people in the city and make a contribution to the epidemic prevention and control of the city.

when trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters, which gives full play to the superiority of the socialist system and is also the initiative and mission of hualan people. wearing masks, we can protect ourselves; donating blood, we can protect others. this voluntary blood donation activity not only embodies the boundless love and selfless dedication spirit of hualan employees, but also is powerful support to the front line of epidemic fighting. union is strength! i believe we can definitely achieve the ultimate victory in this battle.