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hualan npm held 2020 symposium for excellent children of employees and scholarship award ceremony

release date:2020-09-03

it takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. hualan insists making talent cultivation the top priority for corporate social activities. for recent 25 years, the company has always paid high attention to employees’ humanistic care and carried out a series of staff care activities. on august each year, the company would send care to excellent students of employees in various forms.


in the afternoon of august 28, 2020, hualan held a commendation symposium for excellent children of employees and awarded scholarship.

admin & hr manager ms hu jing made a heartwarming and thoughtful speech. she congratulated those excellent students. in this year, there are total 18 employees’ children achieving excellent scores, in which 14 students obtained “merit student” award, one student was admitted to key senior high school and 3 students were respectively admitted to southeast university, jiangsu university of technology and yangzhou university.


today's achievements of the company can’t do without each employees’ hard work. the company scholarship award to each employee’s excellent children is affirmation to their hard study and also spur and hope for them.


at the end of the ceremony, employees and their excellent children visited the company exhibition hall to learn about the company development history, product and production technology process, allowing hualan’s value of openness basing on sincerity, humanistic team, innovation and brand casting to be implanted into the hearts of employees and their excellent children, urging everyone to work and study hard with grateful heart to return the company and society.

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