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hualan stated its view on 2020 suzhou dialogue----collision of thought, fully completed

release date:2020-09-17

“suzhou dialogue” aims at serving pharmaceutical innovation and providing a leading edge and internationalized enabled platform for pharmaceutical innovation. giving equal importance to meetings and presentations, the dialogue provides warm and face-to-face knowledge feast to everyone and creates a global pharmaceutical packaging innovation palace.

in the special area of “suzhou dialogue” exhibition area, hualan is well prepared to welcome all pharmaceutical industry clients with the utmost sincerity.

in the morning of september 11, hualan hosted a special sub-forum on “injection safety and elastomeric seal selection”.

vice-general manager peng ziwei of hualan operation and strategy project made the opening remarks for the meeting and expressed deep gratitude to the association for gathering colleagues together. he believed that suzhou dialogue could greatly improve the level of the whole industry and expressed that hualan would maintain humility to go ahead as always, escort for pharmaceutical companies and walk with health with dedicated and professional spirit at the same time. then he showed great respect to director general mei xueyan of wuxi inspection sub-branch of drug administration of jiangsu province, who has engaged in this industry for over forty years and gained rich experience on the pharmaceutical industry chain.

director general mei xueyan addressed a speech for the ceremony. she expressed a warm welcome to each pharmaceutical industry agency, experts and colleagues attending the forum, expressed sincere respect to hualan which has become a national pharmaceutical packaging material high-tech enterprise and emphasized that pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises, especially those focusing on injection products should pay special attention to product quality and safety. meanwhile, she expressed sincere thanks to wuxi government for creating a high quality development environment for the pharmaceutical industry. the preferential policies and soft investment environment in wuxi is more favorable to completeness of industrial chain. hope everyone would like to invest in wuxi. at last, wish the forum a complete success.  

based on risk management philosophy, discuss how to recognize and control risk scientifically and reduce unnecessary workload or test with medicine packaging material equality research tool. (luo hongyu   principal investigator  suzhou baxter healthcare co., ltd.)

exxontm butyl rubber has a distinct advantage in antioxidant,  halogenated oligomer, moisture, solvent and other extractable residual content. exxprotm special elastomer can further provide ultra clean solutions for medical rubber stopper industry. (yu zhenyan  exxon mobil corp)

teflon™/tefzel™ fluoroplastic film product feature introduction. application advantage and leading status of teflon™/tefzel™ fluoroplastic film in medical packaging. (yang zhenyu  chemours)

under the new rules, pharmaceutical companies should increase requirement on inner packaging material production quality. quality management of pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises become a crucial link. it is a key consideration for pharmaceutical companies that how to choose pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises with good product quality and high management practices and technological level in the industry. (feng shaoming  hualan quality director)

iso/tc 76 technical committee recently published iso 8871-2:2020 standard to include film coated rubber stopper into international standard system. how to select the best solution among various film coated rubber stoppers in the market becomes the focus of attention of injection regulations, research and development and quality management personnel. (zhu yinhua  hualan technology r&d director)

with publication of new version eu gmp sterility appendix draft, the importance of contamination control in injection production and quality assurance is gradually strengthened and focused. in addition to introduction of other injection pollution control elements, the design, production control and test of the container sealing system constituted by injection inner package material is also its important elements, which also requires explanation and discussion. (wang feng  aseptic production director  aseptic production department of pfizer pharmaceuticals limited)

very thankful to 2020 “suzhou dialogue” which, in 2020, the extraordinary year of break, always adheres to the attitude of embrace and change, determines to meet industrial demand and boosts relevant pharmaceutical enterprises to pull through when facing many challenges.    

let’s undertake responsibilities together and stick to our responsibility and mission.

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