[good news] general manager, hua yimin was awarded the honorable title of "wuxi model worker"-ag九游会登录j9入口


[good news] general manager, hua yimin was awarded the honorable title of "wuxi model worker"

release date:2021-05-14

on april 30, jiangyin held a meeting with the theme of "paying homage to the centenary, struggle is the most beautiful" to celebrate international workers' day. the meeting commended advanced collectives and individuals who won the national labor medal, may 1 women's model post, wuxi model worker, jiangyin top ten civilized workers and other honorary titles.

hua yimin, general manager of jiangsu hualan pharmaceutical new material co., ltd., has ever won "individual award for outstanding contribution to china's pharmaceutical packaging career" and "jiangyin youth post expert" and other honors. since taking office in 2006, he has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "making all efforts for good governance, pragmatic & forging ahead, striving for innovation", committed to r & d and innovation in the field of pharmaceutical sealing elastomer, and determined to build the enterprise into "the world hualan" in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. he is pioneering & innovative, forges ahead, meticulously creates characteristic products in industry segmentation, and constantly expands brand influence, so that the enterprise has gradually become a leader in the domestic pharmaceutical butyl rubber stopper industry.

during covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in 2020, he actively responded to the needs of the country to fight the epidemic and accelerate r & d of novel coronavirus vaccine, led r & d team to seize the time to tackle key technical problems and supplied nearly 90 million rubber stoppers for the first batch of clinical vaccines against novel coronavirus in china, which provided the necessary guarantee for the stability of vaccines. the company has also successfully become the preferred industry chain supplier for novel coronavirus vaccine manufacturers。

i feel very excited and proud to be rated as wuxi model worker. thank the party and the government for conferring me this honor. in the future, i must work hard and make efforts to lead the company well, make it a respectable enterprise, create value for hualan people and do more public welfare.

labor is the source of all happiness, glory belongs to the workers and happiness belongs to the workers. on international workers' day, pay homage to every dedicated worker!

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