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proud ! with sinopharm covid-19 vaccine just ready, sinovac has also won certification of who

release date:2021-06-11

on june 1, 2021, the first batch of 2019-ncov vaccine supplied by sinopharm china bio-tech for covax went off the production line. this is also the first batch of 2019-ncov vaccine supplied by china for covax !

on june 1, 2016, who announced to give “emergency use listing” to coronavac of china sinovac.

coronavac of sinovac is also the second chinese 2019-ncov vaccine to be included in who emergency use listing after sinopharm covid-19 vaccine!

china is making its own strong contribution to the world's fighting against epidemic and continues to make china's contribution to win the battle against it as early as possible.

hereby, jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. extends its warmest congratulations on the high recognition of chinese 2019-ncov vaccine obtained from the world!

as a well-known domestic enterprise specialized in production of pharmaceutical sealing elastomer head in direct contact with drugs (liquid) and also a major supplier of rubber stoppers for nearly 30 2019-ncov vaccines in china, while pleased and proud of the achievements and glory of china's 2019-ncov vaccines, hualan npm also feel that it has a great responsibility! hualan people are keenly aware that every rubber stopper produced by hualan, is not only related to the safety and health of chinese people, but also bears the responsibility of practicing "community of shared future for mankind" together with chinese 2019-ncov vaccine! we will,as always, uphold the concept of "escorting the pharmaceutical companies and keeping pace with health". no matter how heavy the production pressure is, we will always remember our original aspiration that "hualan's products are equal to drugs, hualan's responsibility is safety and effective", forging ahead and making china's contribution to win the battle against covid-19!

thank all new and old customers for you long-term trust and support to hualan and also thank all social circles for giving opportunity to us. we hope to build a strategic and long-term partnership on the basis of win-win cooperation with you.

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