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good news! hualan npm won the german utility model patent certificate

release date:2022-05-09

recently, hualan npm won the german utility model patent certificate
 ——  a kind of bottle cap and bottle combination structure


the successful passing of patent certification this time is the full embodiment, honor and encouragement of our company's comprehensive technical strength. hualan npm will always take continuous development and innovation as the driving force, pursue continuous improvement & development, further increase investment in r & d and innovation, strengthen the construction of talent team, and adhere to the development path of independent r & d and innovation;give full play to the company's leading advantages in the field of technology and further enhance the company's core competitiveness. this acquisition of utility model patent certificate also marks another solid step on the road of innovation & development.

 steadfast in our work
since its establishment 30 years ago, hualan npm has always adhered to the market leading and technology driven development strategy, from really increasing fund investment in r & d, to strengthening the team with real talents & learning, and then to producing results by real work. we have developed high-quality & standardized rubber stopper products with a series of visible "real skills". the acquisition of german utility model patent certificate this time is a stepping stone to open the german market and lays a foundation for future business development. and meanwhile, it is conducive to further improve the intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism and maintain a leading position in technology!

for promoting enterprises to ride the wind and waves, we must maintain the momentum of "innovation" in technological innovation. hualan npm will set off a subversive market revolution in the world syringe pharmaceutical packaging industry!with the ballast stone of scientific & technological innovation, the navigation of the enterprise will be stable. hualan npm will be committed to the investment & innovation related to energy conservation, zero emission, cleaner production and environmental protection. and meanwhile, it will strictly control the quality, so that the output of innovation is greater than the input, so as to carry out continuous innovation and strive to be an innovation driven enterprise!

just as we will be able to ride the wind and waves to sail across the sea, in the future, hualan npm will take this as an opportunity, with ideological innovation as guidance, technological innovation as handhold and innovation environment as  support, optimize products internally, expand the market externally, keep in mind the corporate mission & vision, and make greater contributions to the society in the pharmaceutical packaging material industry!

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