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big news! the top-level planning project of hualan lighthouse factory is officially launched!

release date:2022-05-09

while thousands of mountains are seen green, let's busy with construction in the east wind.

on the afternoon of april 25, 2022, the top-level planning project of hualan lighthouse factory was officially launched. hualan and huawei project team joined hands in hualan wisdom source conference hall to create an infinite future!

the planning of the lighthouse factory will promote the transformation and upgrading of hualan from traditional production to intelligent manufacturing, and help hualan move forward all the way in the field of innovation!

accumulating steadily & breaking forth vastly

li hua, hr deputy general manager and project manager of hualan, is presiding over the meeting

hua yimin, chairman & general manager of hualan, is introducing the background of the project

appointment of project members

technology empowerment

speech by li yong, a leader of huawei

speech by gu feng, a leader of huawei

dr. liu wenan, huawei project manager, is explaining the project implementation plan

this project is a long-term system engineering, which is both soul casting and empowering. it requires the full cooperation between hualan and huawei. the project includes the following five core contents: digital strategy & governance, enterprise architecture (business, data, application & technical architecture), business management system reform, data-driven digital transformation, and new generation ict technology.



digital strategy & governance

digital strategic planning, process governance, digital / it governance and data governance, etc.


enterprise architecture

enterprise architecture (business, data, application and technology architecture)


business management system reform

business/organization/it reform, such as r & d, supply chain, marketing, clue to payment collection


data driven digital transformation

lighthouse factory, intelligent manufacturing, smart  park and intelligent operation center


new generation ict technology

ict infrastructure, introduction of new technologies, such as big data, ai, iot, 5g and other new technologies


enjoying the future by intelligence

concluding speech by hua guoping, the founder of hualan npm

hua guoping, the founder of hualan npm, said: hualan closely follows the reform pace of the national smart factory and independently improves the digital, automatic and intelligent level of production. in 2022, the benchmark must not be lowered and the work must not be relaxed. for the current digital lighthouse project cooperating with huawei, we should draw a blueprint to the end, fight to the end, focus on the truth and walk all the way to the end with fuller enthusiasm, higher morale and more pragmatic style, so as to build hualan into a strength model of the pharmaceutical packaging material industry, a benchmark of digital factory and a model of intelligent manufacturing!


wonderful butterfly transform

keeping pace with health and escorting the pharmaceutical companies 

after the implementation of the lighthouse factory project, hualan will speed up the layout of intelligent terminals, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption & pollution in the production process; on the other hand, compared with traditional factories, the newly built lighthouse factory can also improve the automation, informatization and intelligence level of all production links through the intelligent transformation of existing workshops and production lines, realize the iterative upgrading of product production, and boost the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing industry in jiangyin city.

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