it cannot be concealed. this is the 30th anniversary opening ceremony of hualan npm-ag九游会登录j9入口


it cannot be concealed. this is the 30th anniversary opening ceremony of hualan npm

release date:2022-07-08

glorious hualan’s road, feelings from extraordinary years

follow the party forever

if you suddenly sneeze


it must be the birthday of company reminding you privately ~

dear hualan people er, look here

the opening ceremony of the 30th anniversary, which everyone is looking forward to, is finally coming

in the golden years, our original aspiration is unchanged

over the past 30 years, we have built our original aspiration with ingenuity and pay homage to the future with our original aspiration!

on this special day of the 30th anniversary ceremony of hualan

we also usher in "july 1“, the birthday of the party

and meanwhile

it is also the 25th anniversary for the return of hong kong special administrative region to china

we walk together all the way, grateful to meet!

on july 1

opening ceremony for the 30th anniversary of hualan npm


you will miss one hundred million series if not come

full of expectation

with excitement

let's count down together!

figure it out. it's a big event

the writer comes on in person

don't ask how old i am

long live good performance!

keep your eyes brightened

for a great show of propaganda film

and surprised joy without interruption

tell hualan’s stories and convey hualan's voice

hualan and me in the extraordinary years

these old employees take it as their responsibilities to "tell hualan's stories and convey hualan's voice"

narrate feelings for hualan with real actions

warm hualan people with burning love

let's get on the back-trace train together

relive those surging years

witness the extraordinary course of hualan in the past 30 years

engraving this time with the hand as the seal

how time flies

why not make a memorial in a more special way

hualan people who brave winds and waves hand in hand with hualan for more than 20 years

stand firmly at center position and make hand prints together

leave their own marks on hualan's milestone

carrying all the temperature and blazing years of old employees

birthday-celebrating ceremony

wonderful cake-eating moment

it's the 30th birthday cake that let you shout omg

chorus link

chorus style

awaken summer vitality

satisfy all your ceremony feelings

all will be arranged!

hand gift is really super hard core

hualan's infinite love for employees

today is wholly enviable

50g commemorative silver coin

love it

employees with more than 20 service years also enjoy gold and silver coin package

and so on and so forth

you think this is over?

for the following videos

come on, if miss it , you will suffer a great loss!

restart the bright and shining future

with hualan

share the new joy of the 30th anniversary

start your ideal summer life

looking back to the journey with wind and rain

seeing the beautiful scenery today

thanks to everyone who has participated in these 30 years

you, and all of you

in the next few months

mysterious activities will be revealed little by little

let's look forward together

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