cultivate internal skills diligently, practice external strength, set out with heart and step into the future together-ag九游会登录j9入口


cultivate internal skills diligently, practice external strength, set out with heart and step into the future together

release date:2022-08-31

"charge" through training

"empower"for work

cultivate internal skills diligently

practice external strength

set out with heart

step into the future together

recently, the company has made full use of the shutdown and overhaul period in summer to carry out a series of staff training. this training has fully implemented the training mechanism of linkage between the upper & lower levels, hierarchical development, full participation, all-round and three-dimensional; based on the innovation ecology, build a deeply empowered organization and continue to create values for employees!


determine learning as needed  empower the terminal

categories of relevant training courses:

special training from the founder

training on production

training on quality

training on rules & regulations

training on management

training on laws & regulations

training on security

this series of training is mainly to improve the initiative of all employees and build a learning team. therefore, the company pays attention to the training of all employees and all departments actively carry out training. this training is for all employees of the company, including many internal training on the company's rules & regulations, safety production and confidentiality awareness, etc. at the same time, all departments also organized skill training to make the training work planned, targeted and effective.


training for "charging" comes together

during the training, the technical guidance and leading role of huawei team's expert teachers were fully brought into play. expert lectures and technical guidance were carried out, technical exchanges and resource sharing were carried out among departments, multi-disciplinary knowledge was integrated, and work ideas were broadened. this centralized training further improved the technical level of technical personnel in relevant fields, enhanced the team's combat effectiveness, provided strong technical support for the follow-up work, and help achieve annual goals and tasks!

exchange bursts out inspiration

and a little light gathers the pursuit of light!

at the training site, the employees studied & discussed carefully, and made every effort to learn the knowledge. this training work adheres to the principle of written examination and on-site investigation, ensures the quality & effect of learning, and promotes the students to think, understand and apply what they have learned.


make all efforts to empower the future

in the future, in order to meet its demand for technical innovation talents, hualan will continue to promote the organic integration of technical innovation & talent training and build a scientific & technological innovation talent training system. meanwhile, it will continue to carry out advanced technology exchange and research with universities, scientific research institutions and scientific & technological enterprises, grasp the pulse of cutting-edge science and technology, expand vision & channels, and provide talent guarantee for the promotion of new workshops & new projects.

hualan's future will surely make all efforts to empower the future!

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