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visit & learn on site|digital intelligence empowering the future

release date:2022-10-08

digital intelligence empowering the future

✦vist & learn in schneider✦

on the morning of september 21, mr. hua guoping, the founder of hualan, and mr. hua yimin, the board chairman & general manager, led the management team to visit schneider electric wuxi factory.

exhibition hall and workshop visit

discussion and exchange

in the exchange meeting held in the afternoon mainly focusing on schneider's intelligent manufacturing case & scheme sharing, lean production & lighthouse factory construction, double carbon (carbon emissions peak & carbon neutrality) & sustainable development experience, hualan and schneider shared, discussed and exchanged on implementation of intelligent manufacturing.


the senior leaders of schneider electric shared the way of schneider lighthouse factory from four dimensions of system, digitalization, talent training & environmental protection, and jointly discussed the open cooperation & integration in new technologies, new paths and new models of ai industrial internet, so as to continue to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

during the theme exchange, we focused on discussing the specific application of intelligent manufacturing solutions in some complex areas, helping hualan to implement its digital strategy quickly and effectively in the transformation process.


schneider has built an information support platform covering the whole value chain from strategic deployment to production, r&d, service, industrial chain and other business links, and has opened up the end-to-end process from customer demand to customer service. it is not only limited to the intelligence, automation and digitalization of production equipment, but also extends to the entire enterprise operation.

opportunities and challenges will always go hand in hand, and we will never walk alone!

with the new year replacing the old one, brilliant undertakings take on a new look every is a time of major adjustment for the global manufacturing industry. we should seize the opportunity of technological change, take "lighthouse factory" as the leader, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to lead the chinese drug packaging materials to control the core technology, and launch  "hualan" brand made in china!

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