taking on an entirely new look·plan accurately before taking action|the first lesson of hualan npm in the new year-ag九游会登录j9入口


taking on an entirely new look·plan accurately before taking action|the first lesson of hualan npm in the new year

release date:2023-01-16

hualan npm

taking on an entirely new look  plan accurately before taking action

"from strategy to implementation" for middle and senior management training

what is harvested in 2022?

what is the plan for 2023?

in order to focus on the core business, strengthen the industry and refine the profession

stay calm! take the initiative!

hualan's 2023 begins with learning!!!

to practice faithfully without slackening

in order to further strengthen the understanding of strategic management concepts and the learning of strategic management methods and implementation strategies of hualan's middle and senior managers, continuously improve the management and implementation ability, and lay the foundation for the steady development and gradual growth of the company, hualan npm held a one-day training with the theme of "from strategy to implementation" on january 6, 2023. hua yimin, chairman & general manager of hualan, and more than 40 middle and senior managers of all departments participated in the training.

actively empowering

hua yimin,chairman & general manager of hualan npm, guided the opening of the training, stressing that we should cherish the training opportunities, think, understand, gain & use what we learn, and achieve the goal of "short-term training and long-term benefit".


in this training, yang wensheng, chief expert of huawei china government & enterprise consultation, was specially invited as the training instructor to share and discuss with the trainees. instructor yang shared huawei's understanding of strategy and useful information related to the implementation of strategy by telling the trainees what strategy is and the impact of huawei's mobile phone story. let the trainees deeply experience the relationship between strategic management and implementation strategy & business performance, and improve the win-win thinking ability.

training photos

1.set up groups · study in groups

in this training, huawei team arranged a guide for each group, and also ran through such links as method explanation, brainstorming, discussion & sharing, analysis & exercise, summary & conclusion. it enhanced everyone's sense of participation and triggered resonance.

2. actively interacting · making speeches enthusiastically

all the participants benefited from the training. and meanwhile, it expanded their management vision, strengthened their role positioning, and provided ideas and methods for the company's middle and senior managers to better understand and implement the strategy.

in the end, general manager hua said that the middle and senior managers are the mainstay of the company, which is equivalent to a person's "waist" position. all managers should improve their awareness, take the initiative, lead the team well, and constantly learn and improve from the perspective of the overall situation of the company, so as to make efforts to improve the management of the company, constantly improve the core competitiveness of the company, and jointly promote the development of the company to a new level.

implementing in action

invigorating the spirit

practising faithfully without slackening

activly empowering

composing a new chapter


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