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learning -- never slack

release date:2010-05-31

learning -- never slack
    we implemented a one-day training at training room on the 2nd floor of production department to improve management ability of shift leaders. this training was given by zhao youde who is a tutor in the field of "production enterprise". shift leaders and excellent employees in 2009 of hualan participated in this training.

    in this training, mr. zhao brought profound theoretical knowledge, clear brain, deadly logic, simple words and detailed cases in his lessons to make the class fun and interesting. besides, he also applied effective mode of "teach-practice" to fully mobilize students' initiative with case study performed alternately. all students played an active participation and proposed some questions to actual problems existed in daily work and mr. zhao gave answers one by one.

    this was the second customized group training since 2010. by this training, all shift leaders have some certain knowledge in active management and their abilities to solve actual situations are improved. we believe that everyone will do fully play to their professional knowledge in their future work in order to make field management fast and effective.