hualan npm held double ninth festival celebrating respect-ag九游会登录j9入口


hualan npm held double ninth festival celebrating respect-for-the aged activity

release date:2010-10-19

in order to express thanks to all employees for supports given to the company and express concern for employees and their parents, at the time of celebrating the double ninth festival , the company extracts some capital to use as the allowance of respect-for-the aged and the company will issue allowance of respect-for-the aged to the parents(above 75 years age) of the employees who have worked in hualan joint stock company for over one years for carrying forward chinese traditional virtue of respecting elderly people.

on that day, totally 11 employees and 14 parents received the condolence, president mr. hua guoping personally issued allowance to the employees and hoped that all the employees respect and love the elderly people.