2010 hualan is born of fire ● thanks giving activity was held as scheduled-ag九游会登录j9入口


2010 hualan is born of fire ● thanks giving activity was held as scheduled

release date:2011-01-07

to express appreciation for supports and cares of hualan from families of the staff since june 22nd, 2010 hualan is born of fire ● thanks giving activity -- a reciprocal banquet by general manager for families of staff themed by "know kindness, thanks giving, requite favours" was ceremoniously held on dec 31st, 2010 at jiangyin hanhuang international hotel. corporate management including mr. bi yimin, the general manager, mr. zhao shijun, the secretary of the board of directors, mrs. yang julan, the chairman of labour union and mr. chen zhen, the deputy ceo had a joyous gathering with families of over 150 hualan employees who were working in chongqing. they greeted new year blessings to each other and share the warmth of the big family of our company. site of activity was brimming with the atmosphere of warmth and jubilation.

    the activity rolled up its curtains with the address of mr. bi yimin, the general manager of our company. he said, 2010 was a remarkable year and a year of great challenge for hualan. after  frustration and shock, we rapidly react; under difficulty and setback, we born tests. now, hualan became more united, full of pride and staff had more enthusiasm. on the way of hualan, thank you there! thank every employee of hualan and your family, as hualan never felt lone so far due to your supports; and hualan's future growth also depended on your utmost support! mr. bi yimin also addressed new year greetings and best wishes to all employees and their families on behalf of all hualan people.

    this activity was well planned by labour union. to have employees who were working in chongqing communicate with their relatives from thousand miles away, our company particularly arranged jiangyin-chongqing interactive video activity, with which all relatives could pour out their true sentiments and missing. during the chat of a worker at the production line in chongqing, gao xiaozhen and her daughter, she emphasized on her study. moving pictures and moving voice deeply melt the hearts of everybody on the spot.

    during the activity, guessing word and doggerel competition hadn't only burnt everyone up but also created atmosphere like enthusiastic and auspicious. lottery draw alternated in the middle burnt up the activity site as an ocean of joy and pushed the activity to a new high. this draw had formed one first prize, two second prizes, twenty-two third prizes and awarded prizes of different values. meanwhile, mrs. yang julan, the chairman of labour union gave all children on the spot red envelopes at rmb 500 yuan per capita out of his own pocket to express cares of children of employees and wished them healthy and study hard.

    finally, the corporate management performed together a dance with sign language -- "the grateful heart", expressing their gratitude to all employees. the activity concluded satisfactorily in moving warmth and new year blessing.