sanhai lanling hold “production safety month” in july ,2011-ag九游会登录j9入口


sanhai lanling hold “production safety month” in july ,2011

release date:2011-06-27

    according to the schedule made by “production safety month” leader group, “2011 production safety month” theme activity was held inchongqing fuling sanhai lanling co., ltd in june 22nd. the activity began with the speech of vice general manager mr. zheng jianrong, and followed by releasing a film with safety production as a theme, real safety accident stories told by the staff that have experienced and suffered from them, racing to answer safety acknowledge, common sense education about fire safety and fire drill. they also gave small gifts to those who were active to participant the programs, all agenda was finished in a serious and lively atmosphere. all the participant thought that this style of safety education was easier to accept, they benefited great from them, they decided to pay more attention to safety production, change our concept from “company ask us to be safe” to “we will be safe”.(june 27,2011)

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