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hualan won a brilliant appearance on the 67th api exhibition

release date:2011-11-22

newer, higher & stronger---hualan won a brilliant appearance on the 67th api exhibition

   in november, nanjing, an ancient city, is clear and crisp, full of great achievements.
   chongqing fuling sanhai lanling co., ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of jiangsu hulan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd, took a new attitude to win a brilliant appearance on the 67th api china.
   under collective efforts of all hualan staff, concerns of governments and regulatory authorities and especially supports of over 1000 cooperative customers, examined hualan creates a miracle of china's pharmaceutical packaging industry and writes a magnificent epic of overcoming difficulties and fighting bravely.
   workshop in headquarters of hualan in jiangyin is ready to complete reconstructing, which will be officially launched into production before this year end after acceptance. at that time, with the combination of jiangyin headquarters and chongqing sanhai lanling, newer design, higher technology and stronger force will be achieved. a new hualan will stand in china's pharmaceutical packaging field.
   during the twelfth five-year plan, hualan will go into a new stage of development. we will insist on the concept of "permanent social responsibilities, maximum interests of shareholders, market-oriented customer's interests", transfer product operation to brand operation, fully improve service consciousness and service level for partners, lead to the world on a basis of domestic market and actively participate in competition on international high-end market in order to make more contributions to the application of new packaging materials in china's national pharmaceutical packaging industry, leading innovation of new technologies and establishment of national brand in china's pharmaceutical packaging industry!