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registered trademark quadrupling, jiangyin brand strategy, leading county level city

release date:2012-01-13

registered trademark quadrupling, jiangyin brand strategy, leading county level city
2012-01-08 09:43:23  origin: wuxi daily
    mr. hua yimin, general manager of hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd recently is in a good mood. not long ago, with the help of jiangyin business sector, the company registered trademark "hualan" has become the first chinese well-known trademark in the industry. "domestic heading situation becomes more stable, expanding the international market will also be much easier! "
    on january 7,  informed from jiangyin industrial and commercial bureau that "china well-known show business" published in 2011 jiangyin has four trademarks been listed. up to now, jiangyin has 32 well-known trademarks, including 25 administrative identified, leading the county-level city, which is called "jiangyin plate" in the industry.
    "our industry started late in china, the majority of peers are still fighting a price war." hua yimin told reporters, in order to avoid disorderly competition, to seize the high-end market, the company have focused on building brand as strategic objectives since established. for raw materials and manufacturing process hualan in strict accordance with international standards. the same time, keep close cooperation with chinese academy of sciences to continue the process technological innovation and technological upgrading which effectively improved drugs applicability of company's core products - pet filmed stopper, saved cost for a large number of customers.
    "creating a well-known trademark has brought us the real deal, or even immediate benefits." according to a responsible person of a metal material company, after awarded as chinese well-known trademark, the product prices raised by 10%, orders came continuously, year sales profit grew 40%. from jiangyin city level, the brand's economic contribution is irreplaceable, at present, the realized sales revenue and profits of well-known trademark enterprise in jiangyin respectively account 32.8% and 16.5% of sales revenue and profits.
    according to reports, jiangyin emphasis on trademark registration, trademark carefully nurtured, active use of trademarks, protection of trademarks conscious atmosphere are more concentrated. applications for trademark registration has been going on for many years growing, data show that there are 3200 pieces of new trade mark application last year, 90 pieces of international trademark, total 17,752 pieces of  effective registered trademarks in, quadrupled than 2002.
    creating "three famous" trademark forced companies to focus on product quality, improve the core competitiveness, better support and stimulate local economic development. jiangyin is closely linked to industrial development-oriented requirements, focusing on more than 90 industry "singles champion" and high-tech enterprises, training counseling new energy, new materials, and strive to achieve the target registered trademark of the total reached 25,000 pieces , creat another 5-8 chinese well-known trademarks, 40-45 pieces of  province well-known, 100-120 pieces of city well-known trademarks. (wu rongrong)