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repositioning and break the bottleneck develop the market and build the band

release date:2012-04-01

                    repositioning and break the bottleneck

                    develop the market and build the band

hualan shares carried out a number of  programs to enter into a rapid development trend
    news(yang ye jun, zhu yi jun) directed against the current increasingly tightening of the industry market and intensifying corporate competition, hualan shares which located in the lingang new city repositioning and adjustment of  its enterprise, that bringing in a new production line as well as  refinement of management mode.  the high-end products successfully go  into the well-known international pharmaceutical companies, showing a strong explosive force. a few days ago,  under the assistance of jiangyin business sector, the company registered trademark of hualan  becomes the first well-known trademarks in this industry,which  firmly secured the top spot for the enterprise, laid the foundation for further expansion to the international market. the first quarter of this year, the company has reached sales amount of 150 million yuan. compared with the same period in 2011, the company achieves a truly "good start" and again shows a new  escalating trend .

    hua yimin, the general manager of hualan shares, told reporters that they made the production of high-end and low-end products in the same region before which is not propitious for cost control and quality management. from the beginning of last year, the hualan shares designed and constructed the new hualan based on high starting point, high standard and high-quality.  at present, in the new plant, the refinement of the partition air conditioning fan equipment replacing  the original bay shop air-conditioning and fan, to achieve independent control of the workshop clean area. the companies also invested more than 1000 million yuan for water treatment system, which can use the  injection  water to cleaning the stopper, so  there's no need for users to clean them again, simply sterilization is enough.  it realized cost savings and environmentally friendly, make the compony again in the leading position in the industry . at the same time, the company transferred the production line of most common stopper to chongqing branch. in the head office, the company focus on the production of high-grade pharmaceutical stoppers, mainly for international and domestic high-end market. at present, hualan successfully established the long-term and friendly cooperative relationships  with pfizer, novartis, zhejiang tianyuan, ya999, shenzhen zhijun, beaut yline of south korea, europe midas pharmaceutical etc.

    hua yimin told reporters that as early as a few years ago, when most craft brother carried out the price war, hualan has took the brand building and developing the high-end market as the company's strategic objectives. since its establishment, it has been "the hualan products is equal to drugs" as a standard, and in the use of raw materials as well as manufacturing process contro , in strictly accordance with international standards. besides, the company is working closely with the chemistry, chinese academy of sciences and other professional agencies, continuous processing of technological innovation. due to the upgrading applications of laminating adhesive plug technology which as the core competitiveness of the company, that effectively improved the applicability of the patented product - pet film stopper drugs and achieved cost saving for large number of customers. this year, hualan shares will also invest more than 1000 million yuan to set up pharmaceutical packaging engineering and technology center to further enhance the corporate r & d capability. hua yimin said, our goal is that through the efforts of three years,  hualan company will be the world's top three in this industries, started the famous national brand of hualan.

    reporter comments: bottlenecks, is a threshold must pass through for all enterprise when it developed to a certain extent.  constrained by the bottleneck, the companies will stop becoming bigger and stronger; while to break the bottleneck, the development of enterprise will certainly be many twists and turns.   with their own examples, hualan shares told us that the enterprise's growth and expansion process is the process of breaking down one after another bottleneck. during these progresses, the company can achieve the evolution of self-innovative,self-improvement ,  self-breakthrough.