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medical industry: make it clear of direction of health reform in next 4 years in the future

release date:2012-03-27

medical industry: make it clear of direction of health reform in next 4 years in the future

    state council issued on 21st, mar:

    the plan is the further deepening of , it clearly show the stage target, reforming focus and main tasks of medical and health system reform from 2012 to 2015, it is the guiding document for deepening medical and health system in next four years.

    main target and content of : main target is to speed up basic medical and health system construction, further to improve multi-level medical protection system based on basic medical protection as the main body, obviously improve protection ability and management level by the reform of payment system; basic medicine system will be constantly consolidate perfected, new mechanism will have effective running in basic medical and health institutions, basic medical and public health service ability will be synchronization enhanced;

    public hospitals at the county level will have stage progress in the reform, urban public hospital reform will be carried out in good order; health resource allocation will be continuously optimizing, social forces to run hospital will achieve positive progress; talent team construction will be strengthened to general practitioners, base talent shortage situation will be effectively improved, chinese medicine services will be further increased, pharmaceutical production safety level will be gradually improved, production and circulation regulation of pharmaceutical production will be gradually standardized, prices system will be gradually straightened out;

    medical and health information level will be improved obviously, monitoring system continues to improve, and medical supervision is strengthened; personal hygiene spending will be reduced down to below 30% as a proportion of total health costs. contents is mainly include health care system, essential medicine system, public hospitals reform, basic public health services, health resource allocation, talent cultivation and informationization construction, medicine production and distribution, and medical and health regulatory system reform, as well as relevant implementing protection mechanisms.

    perfecting the system of universal health care: health care should be reformed by enhancing the quality instead of expanding the scope, enhance the responsibility of controlling the over-speed growth of medical costs from health-care agencies and health agencies by the reform of payment system. medicare coverage will be increased by 10% compared with ten years ago; healthcare of urban residents and the new-style rural government subsidies standards will reach to 360 yuan per person and per year in 2015; hospital fees payment proportion within policy will reach about 75%, clinic covering all co-coordinating districts with payment proportion up to over 50%.

    consolidate and perfect essential medicines system and basic new mechanism of medical and health units:  deepen comprehensive reform of management system, compensation mechanisms, medicine supply, and personnel allocation in basic medical and health institutions, continue to strengthen basic service network building, speed up the establishment general practitioner system, promote the overall development of basic medical and health institutions. expand implementation scope of basic medicine, push village clinics to implement basic medicine systems, encourage public hospitals and other medical institutions to use essential medicine; adjust national essential medicine list and announce it in due time in 2012; added right will be right in provincial government;

    actively promote the public hospital reform: regard ‘take medicine to make up medication’  mechanism as key links, focus on county hospitals, make an overall plan to promote integrated reform of management system, compensation mechanism, personnel distribution, medicine supply, and price mechanism, turn to full promoting from local pilot steering, vigorously carry out convenience service for the public, gradually establish new mechanism of maintaining public, mobilizing enthusiasm, and continued protection in public hospitals.

    make an overall plan to promote related areas reform: basic public and health service funding for individual will reach 40 yuan in 2015; add health resources and consider social resource in priority; over 95% of community health service centers and 90% of township hospitals, over 70% of community health station and over 65% village health room will provide chinese medicine service; beds number and service volume in non-public medical institutions will reach to 20% of total volume; hundred strong pharmaceutical production enterprises and wholesale enterprise sales will be separately accounted for more than 50% and 85%. reform medicine price and form mechanism, improve the price management of imported medicine and high value medical consumable. strengthen medicine price information collection, analysis and disclosure.

    establish strong and powerful implementation and protection mechanism: establish and improve system of responsibility and accountability, principal leaders will assume overall responsibility from the government, control the specific health routine work, relevant division should work with close cooperation, make joint efforts to promote collaborative mechanisms, government health investment growth rate will be higher than the rate of growth in recurrent expenditure, the proportion of government investment in health will be gradually increased in the total recurrent expenditure.