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huanlan npm awarded employees’ excellent children scholarship

release date:2012-08-28

  huanlan npm awarded employees’ excellent children scholarship

    on august 24, 2012, hualan npm held the employees’ excellent children scholarship awarding ceremony. the company board secretary zhao shijun and chairman assistant han xiaowei attended the ceremony and awarded scholarship to each employee’s excellent children.


    at the commendation meeting, general manager zhao congratulated these outstanding students for the excellent academic performance they have achieved and set high expectations for them. general manager zhao said that it was not only the pride of their parents but also the pride of hualan for them to have achieved excellent performance. he hoped each student could proceed with confidence,set up the ideal and be useful earlier as expected. meanwhile, general manager zhao expressed that the door of hualan is opened for them and hoped they could remember their family and hualan,joint in hualan to encourage each other and create career together after they have learned something. the employee’s child zhou xiaoyu spoke at the commendation meeting as the representative of children. she was little but full of wit. she not only got good grades, but also performed well in music and dance. she said she thanked the trust and encouragement of hualan on them and thanked the care and love given by the company leaders. grades could only stand for the past. they would grow up and move foreward together with hualan carrying an aggressive heart and wouldn’t let her parents and leaders feel disappointed. they wish hualan a beautiful tomorrow.

    later on, general manager zhao gave out scholarship to the excellent students who were admitted to undergraduate courses and key senior high schools. the total amount is over 3 hundred thousand. the action of setting scholarship of the company for many years not only encourages those students who are excellent both in study and campus activities, but also arouses the upward mobility of other employees’ children. at the same time, it also strengthens the sense of belonging of employees and creates a good atmosphere for the harmonious development of the company.