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organize physical examination launch prevention and cure of occupational disease

release date:2012-10-16


to care the health of  employees and strengthen the prevention of ,onoctober 12, theannualoccupational healthexamination washeldin the company.
in order to take thephysical examination easily, and ensure the employees have enough rest after work time, the company taken the physical examination with a different form unlike previous years –inviting the professional physical examination institution to service door-to-door, there were 23 experienced experts came to the company and carried out the physical examination for employees. the content of the physical examination were routine medical examination, , ecg, b ultrasound, pulmonary function, pure tone audiometry, serum alt (liver function) and the other examinations. in the examination process, the employees consulted experts about their usual health problems, the doctors also given correspondingprofessional answers to eliminate psychological concerns.
through the , theemployeeshave a comprehensive understandingof theircurrentphysical condition,enhanced the sense of trust and belonging tothecompany,self-protection awareness also enhanced, correct the negative factors and living habits timely which can affectthehealth, the disease should be early discovering,early diagnosis, earlytreatment, and eliminated in the bud.