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jiangyin factory of hualan npm has passed european union pre-review

release date:2012-12-10

jiangyin factory of hualan npm has passed european union pre-review

from november 29, 2012 to december 1, 2012, jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd,jiangyin factory experienced another big test - european union pre-review after officially becoming qualified supplier of pfizer pharmaceuticals co., ltd, which is crucial for the medicinal rubber stoppers and high-end compound film series rubber stoppers of hualan npm, jiangyin factory to enter european and american markets.

the audit team, with european union commissioner doctor overo and vice president liu shulin of huabei huamin pharmaceutical enterprise as the head, conducted detailed review of raw material supply risk analysis, product production process detail control and total quality management system and other aspects, especially the cleaning and silicification process having a decisive role in the products quality of medicinal rubber stoppers.  doctor overo specially pointed out the importance of challenge test verification.

in order to conduct the prequalification smoothly, the quality, technology and production management personnel worked side by side and did best of their job to ensure the smooth operation of daily production, survey the implementation of improving suggestions proposed in previous customer audit processes one by one and prepare meticulously for the problems involved in the prequalification.

the company chairman hua guoping expressed: although the european union firstly conducted pre-review on hualan npm, it was a fundamental test for the total quality control of hualan npm production and played a pioneering role in hualan’s product quality, marketing strategy and brand impact. therefore, it can impel the whole hualan people to implement more serious standard in daily production management, so as to meet the more challenging official audit in near future. meanwhile, chairman hua was very grateful to the guidance of several specialists of huabei huamin and devoted hualan colleagues.