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inviting experts for strengthening management

release date:2013-01-14

inviting experts for strengthening management

from 8th to 10th in january, jiangsu hualan new medical material ltd. (hualan ltd.) specially invited doctor gurley, the senior medical rubber plug expert from us company abott, to hold the post of special technical adviser of hualan ltd. who had done detailed technical, production, and technology assessments of the production line of hualan ltd. jiangyin factory which annually produces 200 million medical halogenated butyl rubber. during the consulting working for three days, doctor gurley had presented the development situation and latest advances of medical rubber plug industry in europe and america for the production, technical and quality team leaders of hualan ltd. in addition to this, he had given advices on the improvement of the specific direction for existing production control, technology development, and quality assurance work of hualan ltd. director hua guoping decided that the next step of development of hualan ltd. was that bringing in the newest european and american technical idea into the hualan production line, making our national brand become china’s name card in the global medical rubber plug industry.