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treasure your life and travel safely

release date:2013-05-03

treasure your life and travel safely

----- hualan starts safe travel education activity

      to raise the whole staff’s awareness of safe travel, protect personal security and make the driving of the company vehicles more safely, the security department of the company especially organized a publicity and education activity on safe travel themed as “treasure you life and travel safely”. this activity is valued by the company leaders.
from 25th-28th, several exhibition boards with knowledge of safe travel were placed in the lobby
of the production department. over 400 staff from the company took turns to participate in the exhibition activity. zhang yongyan, person in charge of the security department explained matters needing attention in transportation and put special emphasis on the measures to take for driving in rainy days and at night and in special situations.
after this education, the staff expressed that they would strengthen the self-study on traffic
laws and regulations, raising the awareness of safe travel and to be responsible for the life safety of their own and others. and try their best to obey the traffic laws, drive safely and travel safely.