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hualan employees’children spent a happy “international children's day”

release date:2013-06-04

     in order to let employees’ children spend a happy, peaceful and positive international children’s day, the company union well planned a colorful “international children’s day” parents-children campaign. at 13:30 p.m. june 1, in the lively horse riding dance” gangnam style” performed by xuhao and the child hua yuheng, the second parent-child campaign of hualan npm kicked off. more than 50 children leading by their parents participated in the campaign. the chairman hua guoping and the general manager hua yimin also came to watch the campaign.
     there were happy laughters and cheerful voices in the site of campaign, full of festive air. children expressed their celebration to the festival in different manners, such as solo, chorus, zither performance, dance and environmental protection fashion show, etc. especially the child xu yilin played zither. although she was young, she played the zither rhythmically. lovely faces and serious look won loud shouts of applause of the present parents. there were also some interaction parent-child games and developmental games between children and their parents, such as “parent-child heart linked to heart”, “just repeat”, “dress mother” and “ know the five sense organs”, etc, all of which not only strengthen the communication and cooperation between children and parents, but also enhanced their family feelings.
     children’s world is childish and colorful. they are permeated with the most brilliant vitality and hope. hualan staffs sincerely wish those children spent a happy holiday and grow healthily.

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they are very serious!

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