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enhance fire fighting exercise and improve fire fighting skills

release date:2013-07-08

      to further implement the activity scheme for safe production month and meet the company’s work requirements for safe and stable production in 2013, to raise the awareness of safe firefighting of the whole staff and their ability to respond immediately to incidents like fire, to be more proficient at fire escaping and self-rescuing and to know the basics of fire extinguishing, the company organized an exercise on firefighting on the day of june 30, 2013.
      on the day of the exercise, for the good effect of the exercise, the company especially invited instructor wang bo from wuxi anbang firefighting education training center to give a lecture on firefighting skills. wang gave a vivid onsite education to the staff with powerpoint slide show with illustrations and texts. during the lecture, wang gave a basic instruction on the ways of usage of the fire extinguisher, escaping skills from the fire scene, basics of daily firefighting safety and etc. at the same time, wang pointed out the importance of fire prevention for daily family life. after the training, the whole staff had a firefighting exercise.
      through the training and exercise, the staff had a stronger awareness in firefighting safety and self-protection. many staff bought the corresponding firefighting equipment for their family voluntarily after the training.