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occupational health control evaluation has been checked and accepted

release date:2013-09-04

 occupational health control evaluation has been checked and accepted

on august 26th 2013, the jiangyin administration of safety and manufacturing supervisionhas spot reviewedthe annual output officinal laminating butyl rubber plug by 2 billion project occupational diseases hazard control effect report of our company, and finally accepted the occupational disease safeguard construction project construction. the censors have specially invited specialists xue zhenxin, chen guoyan, zhou kezhong to have the technical evaluation on spot. the federations of trade unions, lingang economic development zone safety supervision and other leaders have also been present at the review meeting.

on this review meeting, our head security section has briefly reported the basic information of the construction project at first, and then the evaluation units explained the occupational hazard control effect report, after all the leaders and specialists have fully understood the basic information and inspected the production field, they conducted the detailed censorship of occupational health management system, management situation and the practicing of standing book by inspecting on spot and inquiring staff and workers.

the specialists group has highly appreciated our occupational disease safeguard work after censoring. they agreed that jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. meets the occupational disease standardization management enterprise standard. during the censoring, the specialists also proposed the existing questions and shortages. focusing on these questions and shortages, the security section vigorously implemented measures to the sections and staffs by rectify and reform. making sure that every shortage has been settled.

after the “three-level safety standardization management enterprise”, the production concept of hualan-“the essence of security is life, the meaning of security is efficiency” has been reflected once again. we must implement the safety production into the daily production work positively and effectively. we must make the system of responsibility in safe production practicable. and improve our regulatory framework and operating instruction, enhance scientific management, standardize and institutionalize our safety management. it’s a huge task for hualan, but we will see this censoring as a turning point, by according to the prevention and control law of occupational diseases, guideline on evaluation technique of construction project of occupational diseases hazard control effects, we shall strengthen management, improve and enhance continuously. (security section -zhang yongyan)