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warm home visits from hualan

release date:2014-01-24

--- hualan started home visits before the spring festival
with the new year coming around, the company was going to implement a comprehensive system of welfare, trying to give the entire staff a merry and harmonious spring festival.
on 22nd jan, 2014, the persons concerned from the general manager’s office went to the homes of the parents
of the working employees over 75 years old and the homes of the retired employees under well-off condition and delivered consolation money and products out of good will.
chen yujuan, a retired employee of the company, was diagnosed with cancer and living a hard life. to make her have a happy spring festival, the company delivered 3000 rmb as consolation money and brought her the care and greetings from the leaders, hoping that she can live the life with an optimistic attitude and get better as soon as possible. the whole families of chen yujuan extended their gratitude for the care and help from the company.
on that day, the visiting team also visited the elderlies of the working employees. they were in good condition and gave a very warm welcome to the team members. they extended their gratitude to the care and greetings brought to them every year. we also gave our blessings to them that we hoped they would live a happy life and good health.

the welfare system of the company was established in 2009. visiting the employees living under well-off condition and the elderlies were two items of the system. the company spent nearly 400,000 rmb to implement all kinds of welfare policies this year.

in the elderly’s home

in the retired employee’s home