leaders from heibei shenwei pharmaceuticals co., ltd. came to hualan for audit guide -ag九游会登录j9入口


leaders from heibei shenwei pharmaceuticals co., ltd. came to hualan for audit guide

release date:2014-03-13

11th march, 2014, the company welcomed its first quality audit in march. two managers, hao shuangpu, from the purchase department and li hongjun, from the quality control department of hebei shenwei pharmaceuticals co., ltd. came to our company for the latest annual audit work. the director of r&d center, zhu yinhua and wang fang, from the quality management department accompanied them.
at 930, both parties communicated and exchanged ideas in the meeting room of the r&d center. two managers first stated their key work of this trip, and both parties made reasonable arrangements for their day of work. afterwards, two managers got a rough idea of our improvement, variations and sales volume in 2013 and exchanged ideas with dr. zhu yinhua in technical aspect.

in the afternoon, manager hao shuangpu conducted an audit to the field production in the company of dr. zhu yinhua and the director of production department, meng yuehong. manager li hongjun conducted a detailed audit to software with the help of wang fang, from quality management department. it included the company verification of 2013, batch record and quality complaints etc. at the audit summary meeting, two managers expressed their recognition and acknowledgement for our quality control work and in the meantime, they put forward some opinions on how to perfect management to the management staff. this time, they especially invited the staff from production, technique and primary quality departments to the production workshop of shenwei pharmaceuticals for technical communication, hoping that both parties can reach the win-win goals and reduce costs through strengthening communication continuously. 

communication in the meeting room