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enhance internal communication, improve management level

release date:2014-10-29

production site management is an important part of enterprise management and a concentrated expression of the quality of corporate governance. in order to further improve the management level of the production site details and enhance exchange and communication between internal administrators, the company organized monitors and superior administrators from rubber plug production department and combination cover manufacturing department to go to hualan electromechanical production site for visit and study from october 24th to october 27th. more than 60 administrators were divided into three batches to join the activity in order.

at 8:30am on october 24th, the first batch of administratorsmore than 20 memberslined up in order and came to hualan electromechanical production site. yan zhiguo, general manager of electromechanical company and zhu jianjun, the workshop director gave them a warm reception. under the guidance of the two leaders, the administrators visited and studied hualan electromechanical production site, storage, testing room and so on. in the visit and study, they listened to the explanation earnestly, observed carefully and exchanged mutually. they cherished each new chance for study. the excellent 6s site management way of hualan electromechanical company, especially site plan management, kanban management, material pilling, sanitary control and so on made a deep impression on the administrators.

after the activity, all of the administrators expressed that they were deeply touched. they said that they would develop thinking pattern and apply excellent management way to practical work by combining with their own duty. the activity created a good studying and promoting atmosphere for administrators in various departments of company. we believe that the company’s management level will get a new improvement with common efforts.