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empower improve the organizational efficiency

release date:2015-11-24

to fully use the talent of the middle and high management, mobilize the employees' enthusiasm and maintain, give play to the whole advantages of the organization, the company set up an authorization management system and held a special meeting for official authorization on november 16, 2015. the meeting was chaired by hujing, secretary to the president. the company group leaders attended the meeting.

at the meeting, hua guo-ping, the chairman, personally presented the executives with certificate of authorization and made an important speech. the chairman said that, by changing the traditional management mode, this time the company put administrative rights into the executives hands through authorization, to give full play to initiative of the leader of each department, maximally examine employees within the scope of jurisdiction and realize the survival of the fittest, put an end to any substandard acts and non-execution, improve the overall working efficiency of each department, lower costs and prevent management risk. meanwhile, the chairman also said that rights coexist with responsibilities. the company will examine all authorized executives and carry out the management style of appointing capable person, rewarding those who have made much greater contributions and letting those who committing a mistake go. he said he hopes that the whole company could stay together, mutually understand one another, communicate more with each other, put heart and efforts into work and service every customer well with heart.
this empowerment is a new beginning of reform in company management system. the whole company has high expectations for the new management method. believe that everybody could quickly change and catch up with the new management concept and method and make efforts to the further faster and better development of the company.