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embracing nature in the happy international children's day

release date:2016-06-07

the june sunshine is good and june flowers are fragrant…… children smiled happily and song with abandon in june sunshine. to allow hualan employees’ children to have a happy and meaningful international children's day, hualan npm administration & hr department arranged a meaningful ourdoor parents-child campaign- changzhou yancheng wild animal park family trip, giving parents a chance to accompany their children and allowing children experience holiday happiness in a harmonious and sweat atmosphere.
at 8 o’clock june 5, parents together with their children set out uniformly. lively children appeared extremely happy and excited. they prepared tasty snacks to share with other fellows. after getting on the bus, hualan organizers introduced the procedure and precautions of this activity to parents and children, making sure this activity can be proceeded happily and safely. after one hour’s drive, the zoo was arrived. children let their steps go and got rid of their parents to run to bright and colorful nature, dialoguing with tigers, feeding peacock personally and experiencing extended project……children showed their innocence, braveness and compassion and parents seemed as they have returned to their childhood to laugh with children and experience the happiness of being parents.

 happy time is always very short. the one day activity was over soon. but for this activity, the company changed previous indoor activity pattern; instead, let children and their parents interact outdoor to strengthen parent-child relationship and also let children intimately contact animals and nature, spending their happy international children's day without restraint.