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2016 hualan employees’ children excellence scholarship issuing ceremony

release date:2016-09-14

at the afternoon of september 13, company 2016 employees’ children getting to university scholarship issuing ceremony was held inside the company, showing the enterprise’s care for the employees and their children. firstly, chairman hua guoping extent congratulations to the employees whose children were admitted to university on behalf of company. he said issuing scholarship is to commend the employees who worked hard and contributed to the company and didn’t loosen education to their children and cultivated such excellent college students at the same time, which is the pride of a family and also the pride of company. meanwhile, it was also the encourage to employees’ children, hoping they further study hard, make efforts and develope comprehensively at university and become talents of enterprises, societies and nation. then, the company human resources department read scholarship issuing list. in this year, there are total 6 employees’ children admitted to prestigious universities and 14 employees ‘children obtaining “all-round good student certificate of merit” in school. the company leaders sent the scholarship full of enterprise’s care to the hands of employees.

while doing operation well, the company highlights the people oriented enterprise spirit, allowing employees to feel enterprise warmth from every aspects and encourages employees and their children in spirit, fully embodying the humanistic care emphasis on education and talents of company to employees.