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2017 “laws and regulations-anti-risk”

release date:2017-03-06

in order to improve the internal management of our company and strengthen the awareness of risk prevention, our company specially invited lawyer qian from a lawyer firm to implement a training named “laws and regulations-anti-risk” in the morning of march 4, 2017. the training activity was presided over by the chairman hua guoping. all of the managerial staffs from the related departments including sales department, the quality department and so on attended the training. before the training, the managerial staffs of departments were active to participate in the training with high enthusiasm. during the meeting, all participants listened carefully, learned legal knowledge taught by lawyer qian and took notes by heart when hearing the part related to themselves. especially when lawyer qian explained the risk management of sales contract, our company's sales staffs put forward all kinds of legal problems encountered  when the  signing the contracts between customer and us and they also consulted with open mind and lawyer qian also answered one by one patiently. during the meeting, lawyer qian also explained the hidden dangers existing in the marketing chain seriously; he gave out examples in details, which let us deeply understand our deficiencies in internal management and risk prevention. in addition, lawyer qian also shared all kinds of cases that he handled in recent years, from which, we benefit a lot and which also remind us to take notice.
this training enriched the legal literacy of our company’s internal managerial staffs greatly and they expressed that the legal training was good guidance for their future work, it not only strengthened the awareness of sales work, but also provided strong guarantee for sales work.
through this training, the mental outlook of our company will be at a higher level once again.