hualan npm organized all employees for hong kong and macao tour-ag九游会登录j9入口


hualan npm organized all employees for hong kong and macao tour

release date:2017-08-07

    to express gratitude to all employees’ hard working, enrich employees’ cultural life, perfect employees’ benefits and strengthen the company’s cohesion, the company decided to organize all employees for “hong kong and macao five-day tour”.
   all hualan employees were led by the company leaders by batch. the first batch flight to hong kong and macao for 5 days tour on august 7, 2017.
   all hualan families gathered. this activity not only enriched employees’ sparetime life, it also enhanced communication and coordination between departments, which allows the whole family to be more harmonious, and thus to improve the enterprise’s cohesion.

   this activity aimed at enriching employees’ life, widening employees’ field of vision and enhancing the cohesion of the whole team. the company paid great attention to this activity. in order to let everyone really relax their feelings and sense the atmosphere of the flourishing cities, the company carried out detailed arrangement to the whole tour activities. hope employees can continue to exert themselves in their future work and create glory for hulan’s future.