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the one hundred and tenth anniversary and

release date:2017-09-11

the one hundred and tenth anniversary and
the thirty three–year heart-aligned with hualan
——        jiangyin no.1 middle school held the 33th teachers' day and the third hualan prize education fund award celebration ceremony
in the golden september, countless rich fruits give out fragrance from branches; in the golden september, the emotion of thanksgiving to teachers is rippling in the air.
on september 11, the 33th teachers' day of jiangyin no.1 middle school and the third hualan prize education fund award celebration ceremony was held ceremoniously at the school auxiliary building. the board chairman, hua guoping, general manager, hua yimin of jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd and secretary of party committee & principal, li zhong presented this ceremony and granted certificates and bonus to teachers. all faculty and staffs of jiangyin no.1 middle school attended this ceremony. this ceremony was hosted by the teachers, zhang wei and zhong wenting.
firstly, principle li zhong made a speech for this ceremony, expressing thanks to mr. hua guoping and mr. hua yimin for their great support for the development of no.1 middle school and educational career, extending holiday greetings to all teachers and expressing congratulations to the teams and individuals winning awards. he pointed out that it was the key to have first-class teaching staffs, cultivate first-class students and create first-class campus culture atmosphere to establish a first-class school. education development and teachers’ growth is the demand of the whole society, under which teachers should be more cautious and conscientious and constantly improve their professional ability.
then, vice-president, chen youbao read out the list of the winning teams and individuals. principle, li zhong accompanied mr. hua yimin to grant certificates of award and bonus to teachers.
after that, teacher zhang ruijuan gave a speech as the representative of winning teams. she reported the endeavor and perseverance of the senior year team in this year and expressed the decision and confidence of constant improvement and innovation to greet the 110th anniversary of the no.1 middle school.

at last, mr. hua guoping made a speech. firstly, he fully affirmed the team reward way taken by no. 1 middle school. he pointed out that a harmonious, struggling and studious team is an important guarantee for an enterprise and a school to progress and improve quality. meanwhile, mr. hua guoping also talked out the meaning of education to individual, enterprise and even the whole society from the angle of enterprise and society and expressed his thanks and expectation to teachers.



     general manager, mr. hua yimin awarded honor certificates and bonus to teachers.


                       board chairman, hua guoping delivered a speech.