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love transmitting power and act of kindness carrying forward virtues--jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. actively practices social responsibil

release date:2019-03-28

love transmitting power and act of kindness carrying forward virtues

--jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. actively practices social responsibility

on march 28, the company, together with jiangyin red cross society blood station, carried out the “voluntary blood donation and devotion of love” employees blood donation activity. led by the company general manager, the activity was actively signed up by everyone, from senior leaders to workers at the production line and positively responded by hualan employees. 

blood is praised as “the river of life”, without which life couldn’t exit for a moment. every year, there are millions of person-time for voluntary blood donation, relieving millions of sick and wounded people from being tortured by the illness. blood donation is noble embodiment of humanity and philanthropism.

it is great honor to donate blood voluntarily. because of the particularity of post of duty, a lot of workers at the production line can’t make it to attend this voluntary blood donation activity timely, but the warm site of activity today still send out the deep love of our hualan people, participating in retrieving the dying or rescuing the wounded, saving one more life and making more contribution to the society.

the magnanimous act of hualan employees gives full expression to the spirit of unity and mutual aid and humanity among people in socialist society, representing love elegant demeanour and the power of unity of our hualan employees. therefore, we should strongly advocate voluntary blood donation and launch the whole society healthy citizens of appropriate age to participate in the rank of voluntary blood donation.

drops of love can accumulate to form a pagoda. in recent years, during their self-development, the company never forgets practicing corporate social responsibility, actively advocates public welfare, organizes to carry out public activity to assist the impoverished students, help and support the poor, care for children, etc. activities, always insists developing the enterprise and practising enterprise social responsibility jointly to implement the social mission with actual activity. 
in this month, after knowing the situation of duocai township boarding school of zhiduo county and yushu city no.4 primary school, the company provides “one-to-one” love subsidizing to these two schools, helping difficult students to complete their study.

concerned about students and love forever, radiant and enchanting spring scene illuminates fertile soil for education and heartfelt help warms heart of poor students.

the company general manager hua yimin expressed the hope to return to the society with power of enterprise to allow children in poverty-stricken area to accept good education and encourage them to earn their own living, be confident, self-esteem and self-improvement in their study and life. hope they can realize their life dream through their own effort.

donated students expressed they would study hard and continue to carry forward the spirit of diligent study,enterprising and constantly striving to become stronger and return the sincere love of hualan and all sectors of society. 

the bigger the enterprise, the heavier the responsibility. hualan today has stepped in the fast track of development. meanwhile, we will continue to practice the idea of “people oriented” to allow the society to see more positive energy of the company and promote sustainable development of social responsibility. in the new historical starting point, we will continue to go ahead.