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build dream with originality, establish merits at posts-the 2nd "shengang craftsmen" commendation conference held in hualan

release date:2019-05-14

build dream with originality, establish merits at posts
-the 2nd "shengang craftsmen" commendation conference held in hualan
in order to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, create a favorable atmosphere of respect for labor, advocate skills, and implement the shengang craftsmen cultivation project of “carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and striving to be the pioneer of the times" , a number of "shengang craftsmen” were selected in the street. on may 10, the 2nd “shengang craftsmen” commendation conference was held in hualan.


the selection focuses on the grassroots, production line and operating staff groups. ten "shengang craftsmen" were selected from various advanced manufacturing industries, modern service industries, strategic emerging industries and handicraft industries. craftsmen told their stories to everyone, and expressed their feelings as craftsmen and showed their image of craftsmen, thus further creating a social fashion of "labor is the most glorious, the greatest, the noblest and the most beautiful".

hualan is not only the organizer of this commendation meeting, but gu yulong, mechanical engineer of the equipment engineering department of the company, was elected as one of the top ten craftsmen in shengang.

in his 14 years in hualan, mr. gu, by relying on his rich experience and exquisite technical level, he has provided technical support and other assistance for the department and the company with all his heart and soul. he independently developed and designed and obtained 7 invention patents and 12 utility model patents. according to the technological requirements of the products, in order to ensure the quality of the products, he has devoted himself to the research and design of a series of production equipment and tooling equipment, such as: automatic foot-swinging machine for film-coated rubber plugs, single punch machine, slitting machine, automatic rinsing machine for cleaning, rubber plug high-shear emulsifying machine, air flow conveying device with rubber plugs, etc. thanks to his own efforts and innovations, he has been praised and rewarded by the company many times, and he was awarded the title of wuxi tangxiangqian outstanding engineer in 2016.

“success always comes to those who love to struggle" such is the life motto of mr. gu. this honor is the best reward for him. mr. gu has always firmly believed that throughout a person's life, there is no top-level goal, but a higher level of pursuit, and the continuous development and progress can only be achieved through constant pursuit towards a higher level of goal.

after the commendation meeting, under the leadership of the company general manager, ten craftsmen also visited the production building and the whole factory area of hualan together, and gained a certain understanding of the company development process and products.

after the visit, the craftsmen all said that this was a rare opportunity for learning. they hoped that the government would increase exchanges between entrepreneurs and craftsmen promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmen, and learn the good experiences from each other, so as to upgrade the standard of chinese manufacturing, and work together to make the manufacturing industry a success.
honor is the recognition of the past and forging ahead leads the future. in the new era, china needs to build a manufacturing power. as a member of the manufacturing industry, hualan needs to cultivate and carry forward the "craftsman spirit" of preciseness, conscientiousness, excellence and perfection, guide and stimulate the good custom of dedication, diligence and fine trades, so as to cultivate and bring up more “shengang craftsmen", and contribute more powerful wisdom and strength to the construction of xinshen harbor of "strong, rich, beautiful and high-end".