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hualan npm organized 2019 “international children's day” diy contest

release date:2019-06-03

hualan npm organized 2019 “international children's day” diy contest 
on the occasion of the coming international children's day, hualan npm organized a diy contest activity, encouraging company employees and their children to make exquisite handicrafts out of the company product-rubber stopper.
by may 31, the company had received 14 handicrafts in total handed over by employees of jiangyin and chongqing factories. a panel of judges was organized to score and assess those works and select one first prize, three second prizes and five third prizes.   

award-winning works:

xiabin: first prize naval vessel (parent:hua ping, information technology department)  

zhou yujie: second prize hualan thomas (parent: bu liya, quality control department)

jiang yuheng: second prize fun summer--aeolian bells (parent: jiang minghua, information technology department)



jin wenbo: second prize hualan lucky bag (parent: xu yan, administrative personnel department)

zhou wenbo: third prize owl (parent: liu yinping, quality control department)


miao zhiyan: third prize dazzling aeolian bells (parent: yang fang, quality control department)

xu yian: third prize running horse (parent: gu lujuan, domestic marketing department)


zhang changrui: third prize pachira macrocarpa-- money and treasures will be plentiful (parent: chang huan, administrative personnel department)



li xinlu: third prize hualan warship (parent: li li,information technology department of chongqing company)

in this activity, the company employees and their children gave full play to their imagination and creativity to make handicrafts and models out of company rubber stoppers through modification, greatly improving employees and their children’s ability of practice and thought and allowing them to have better learnt about and understood company rubber stopper products in the process of making.

every child’s innocence is worthy of care. hope the “international children's day” activity organized by the company can further strengthen emotional exchange between employees and their children, enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company, building harmonious big hualan family and striving to create a good atmosphere in favor of employees settling down in their jobs, living happily and of happy families.