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astrazeneca visited our company to guide audit work

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on june 4, 2020, jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. welcomed quality audit at production site of astrazeneca china co., ltd. accompanied by the company chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin, technical director, quality director and product department manager, astrazeneca audit team investigated the company technology r&d center, quality test center and inner package materials and accessories experiment center.

astrazeneca is a world leading pharmaceutical company which was founded through merging former zeneca group plc with former astra ab in 1999. this company can be traced back to a transnational corporation in 1873. with “escorting for life hand in hand” as the mission, the company has strong research and development ability and its annual total research input exceeds 5 billion dollars.

this is the third audit for our company by astrazeneca. by now, the audit phase has already finished. the company is about to cooperate with top international pharmaceutical companies to carry out business, which is recognition of inner package material of chinese national enterprises as well as company products by top international pharmaceutical companies. as the development, the difference between the company and world competitors of the same industry is shrinking. thanks vast customers of the company and all sectors of society for their trust and support. from now on, the company will be further strict with ourselves and work harder to constantly improve product quality so as to escort for pharmaceutical companies and walk with health.