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special training|in summer maintenance month, hualan fastened on special study and training

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to improve hualan employees’ comprehensive quality and ability, strengthen employee’s consciousness on production quality, create a good learning atmosphere, hualan made use of the opportunity of equipment shutdown for maintenance to organize all departments to carry out series special training from august 26, to august 30.

this training lasted for 5 days, mainly concentrated on enterprise rules and regulations, safety production, 6s site management and quality control, etc. themes and gave 20 special training classes to all departments of the company.

quality and safety production is the lifeline of an enterprise and the foundation on which an enterprise depends. quality control and safety production special training, setting out from the perspective of relevant supervision department and customer's benefit, explained profound theories in simple language. our hualan students cherished this opportunities very much, paid attention to each class and took notes carefully. in class, they discussed lively and actively interacted with teachers. meanwhile, this special training insisted the principle of written examination and site inspection to guarantee study quality and effect.

after training, students also shared their notes and experience, consolidating what they had learned and improving work efficiency.

the purpose of enterprise training is to improve enterprise revenue and obtain competitive advantage. while the goal of hualan is to replace imported products and reach international advanced level. facing increasingly serious domestic and overseas markets, the company must shorten the gap with top counterparts within the shortest time. but how to shorten requires hualan people to constantly improve itself as fast as possible. only after hualan people become powerful, their products may be competitive.