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excellent in ability and moral conduct to make china powerful and strong--hualan npm attended the 36th teachers' day and the sixth awarding ceremony of hualan t

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the cool breeze of autumn blows and sends fruit fragrance. september 10th this year is the 36th teachers' day in china. to intensively display the progress and effect of the no.1 high school constantly implementing “stroke of advancing bravely”, reveal the spirituality of most teachers strengthening moral education, cultivating people, striving and being responsible and stimulate teachers and staffs to stick to the original intention of serving the country through education and shoulder the mission of building the dream and educating students, in the afternoon of september 10, the no.1 high school of jiangyin city grandly held the 36th teacher’s day and the sixth awarding ceremony of hualan teacher development fund at the conference hall on floor 3 of the school auxiliary laboratory building.


chairman hua guoping and sales manager hua zhimin of jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd., deputy director of jiangyin education bureau yao bin, party secretary of the school and president li zhong presented this ceremony and awarded certificates and bonuses to teachers.

all faculty and staffs of no.1 high school of jiangyin participated in this ceremony.

the ceremony was kicked off with the national anthem and all leaders, guests and teachers stood as a mark of respect and sang the national anthem.

firstly, president li zhong addressed a speech for the ceremony, expressing his sincere respect to mr. hua guoping for his honest heart on education, concern for jiangyin’s development and sincere heart to the country and nation, expressing thanks to the great support of mr. hua guoping, mr. hua zhimin and jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. on development of no.1 high school and educational development, expressing best wishes on holiday to all teachers and expressing congratulations to award-winning teams.

then, president li zhong, leading all teachers, made an oath: to be devoted to the party's educational business, to perform the sacred duties of a teacher, to strive to be a good teacher with four virtues and to be determined to make contribution to the development of jiangyin education.

after that, deputy secretary gu jianjun read out “decision on commendation of the sixth hualan award teaching fund ”.

in this ceremony, mainly the following awards were offered: subject quality excellence award, outstanding class award, achievement award for project activities, advanced award for educational research, special award for 30 years of teaching and special award for president. all staffs of president office read out award speech for each award-winning team and awarded certificates and cups to winning team representatives. teacher huang hua, as the award-winning team representative, made a speech, expressing thanks to president hua guoping for his tireless care and support and to the beautiful no.1 high school for providing a platform for each ordinary teacher devoting to educational business to fulfil their aspiration and expressing sincere gratitude to leaders and colleagues around for their constant care, encourage and help.

in his speech, chairman hua guoping firstly wished all teachers happy and healthy, expressed his heartfelt respect to teachers fighting in the position of head teacher and expressed his best wishes to teachers. then he encouraged everyone to be a people's teacher with patriotism. as an enterprise, we need to constantly optimize industry to strengthen competitiveness; education also needs each educator to think diligently, improve classroom efficiency, teach students in accordance of their aptitude and improve the quality of schools. the speech of chairman hua guoping was sincere and full of power, receiving warm applause from leaders and teachers.

then, president li zhong, on behalf of no.1 high school of jiangyin, gave donation certificate and commemorative folding book to jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. and president hua guoping to express thanks and respect to no.1 high school people again.

at last, deputy director of jiangyin education bureau yao bin made a speech. he, on behalf of municipal education bureau, expressed his heartfelt thanks to president hua guoping of jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd for his concern about native people and education, contributing money to education and revitalization of education, etc. chivalrous deed, expressed warmest congratulations to rewarded teachers and expressed kind regards to teachers working hard at the teaching front line.        

“teachers enlighten others, not destroying themselves on the other hand, but achieving value of themselves.” shared by zhong nanshan, “the medal of the republic” winner and educating model throughout the nation, on this teacher’s day. 

definitely, compared with teachers, our company should shoulder even more social

  responsibilities. hualan has actively devoted to educational business for many years and attended the awarding ceremony of development fund for no.1 high school of jiangyin teachers for six successive years. we will continue to bear in mind the mission of the times, undertake social responsibility, concern about education, care students and continue to contribute to educational business with boundless love. finally, all hualan staffs sincerely wish all teachers a happy teachers' day.