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hualan npm won the 13th “jiangyin mayor quality award”

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recently, jiangyin market supervision and administration bureau publicized the list of enterprises with the 13th mayor quality award, and jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. was on the list.

jiangyin mayor quality reward is the highest quality honor established by jiangyin municipal government.

in 2008, jiangyin took the lead in establishing "jiangyin mayor quality award" among the counties and cities at the same level in the province, aiming to promote the enterprises in the city to continuously strengthen quality management through the government's policy guidance, and form the effect of model guidance and cluster promotion.

the award is conferred to enterprises or organizations with excellent performance in improving quality level in jiangyin city, guide and encourage enterprises or organizations to implement excellent performance management, realize to strengthen the enterprises with quality, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, improve the quality of products and services in jiangyin, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of our city's economy.

during the 14th five-year plan period starting from 2021, a new development pattern will be formed, with big domestic circulation as the main body and domestic & international double circulation promoting each other. hualan must grasp the new opportunities and challenges of the new development stage in the period of the 14th five-year plan. subsequently, we will strive to transform hualan manufacturing to hualan creation, hualan speed to hualan quality, and hualan product to hualan brand, adhere to intensive cultivation & practical work, strengthen the awareness of innovation, management, integration, investment & responsibility, and increase the power for starting  a new chapter for hualan to create a world leading enterprise!