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go with love to build the future together - jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. has subsidized impoverished students in qinghai for four consec

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on april 19, jiangsu hualan pharmaceutical new material co., ltd. delivered its love to qinghai for the fourth time, devoted itself to public charity, supported education in western china, and helped students realize their dreams. since 2018, we have set up a love class in the name of the company in duocai boarding primary school of zhiduo county, qinghai province to subsidize students from poor families with love.

charity creates harmony and love inherits virtue; to give financial aid to impoverished students with love shows the company's good moral style of actively repaying the society, which is also the specific action of the company to fulfill its social responsibility. the company's love will continue indefinitely. let love pass on and let the seeds of love take root!