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huawei & hualan npm making concentrated efforts to build ——a digital lighthouse factory

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the digital lighthouse factory
built by huawei & hualan npm with concentrated efforts

in order to realize the vision of digitalization, intelligence & standardization of management of jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd., realize the transformation of production mode, support the innovation of business & commerce model, and build the benchmark of digital factory in the industry, hualan and huawei technologies co., ltd. recently signed huawei —digital hualan lighthouse factory top-level planning service contract on the top-level design of hualan lighthouse factory jointly carried out by the huawei planning consulting team & hualan npm team to establish the 3-5-year construction blueprint & evolution roadmap of hualan digital transformation & huawei - digital hualan lighthouse factory and gradually promote the implementation of the vision & goal of digital hualan lighthouse factory.

this time, huawei & hualan npm make concentrated efforts to build a “digital lighthouse factory”
it mainly involves four aspects:
digital strategy
digital hualan development strategy blueprint
enterprise architecture
business, application and technical architecture
digital transformation driven by data
intelligent manufacturing and smart park
intelligent operation center
new-generation new ict technology
ict infrastructure and introduction of new technologies, such as big data, ai and iot, etc


cooperation •win-win
for enterprise development, science & technology shall be developed first, the core symbol of a strong enterprise is to have a strong scientific and technological innovation ability.

huawei - hualan lighthouse factory has realized the perfect leap of hualan npm from traditional manufacturing industry to automation, digitization and intelligent application. it has a far-reaching impact on improving hualan's competitiveness, benchmarking world-class enterprises, enhancing its contribution to the regional economy, realizing the transformation of production mode, supporting the innovation of business & commerce model, building the benchmark of industrial digital factory, and finally realizing business success.