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to help farmer with love is duty-bound under “coronavirus pandemic”

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keeping the front line into heart, acting as a warm reserve force

    since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in jiangyin on may 3, our company has actively organized and carried out epidemic prevention volunteer service activities such as loving to help farmers and warm-hearted regards, which have benefited more than 1,000 people.

    due to the upgrading of prevention and control level, the originally best-selling fruit tomato was suddenly ignored and was about to rot in the field. under the leadership of the party working committee and office of shengang sub-district, we extended a helping hand at the first time to tide over the difficulties with farmers in the way of "buying instead of helping", helped solve the unsalable 4,500-jin tomatoes, and sent these loving tomatoes to the staff and volunteers who stick to the front line of the "coronavirus pandemic".

    and meanwhile, we also prepared mineral water, cakes and other materials, and successively expressed regards to nearly 1000 heroes from 15 anti-epidemic service units, including shenpu village, shengang police station, sub-district comprehensive law enforcement bureau and shengang community health service center, etc. to thank them for their persistence and dedication in epidemic prevention and control work.

love to help farmers and "eat melons"

    at 10:00 on may 17, many truckloads of watermelons filled with sweetness and freshness were sent to hualan factory. since the unblock is in the sight, as a continuation of the consumption action for helping farmers, the company specially purchased several-thousand-kilogram watermelons from our local fruit farmers in shengang as employee welfare, sent hualan's exclusive care to the employees fighting in the front line at high temperature, and also brought a trace of comfort and coolness to the hot summer.

    summer without watermelon has no soul! i think the sweet taste of this batch of watermelons will be preserved in the memory of hualan people for a long time.

board chairman hua yimin said:

    "we hope to do our best to help jiangyin epidemic prevention & control and resume work & production. and meanwhile, we expect that with the joint efforts of the whole society, jiangyin will get rid of the haze of the epidemic and return to normal life as soon as possible."

little loves flow into a river, and great loves are boundless

a drop of water

will never dry up until it is put into the sea

an enterprise

will be valuable until it integrates its own development into society

the trickles converge is enough to flow into a river

the meager strength converge is sure to be united as one

planting is not easy

the persistence of agricultural people needs our protection

when everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high

let's act together

and contribute to rural revitalization

dawn is at hand

wait for the epidemic to dissipate

and the nucleic acid test in whole jiangyin is negative