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build a defense line with exercises & treat training as a real battle|well act as the first responsible person for safety production

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on august 19,

the fire control line in the heart was pulled up

by building a defense line with exercises & treating training as a real battle

do you know production safety law of the people's republic of china?

have you ever encountered telecom network fraud?

do you have cpr first aid ability?


can you answer these questions?

production safety, prevention first

learning one piece of knowledge, will provide ten pieces of security guarantee

to fully implement the new production safety law; effectively improve the production safety awareness of hualan people and popularize fire safety skills.

on the afternoon of august 19, jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. organized & carried out safety production training and related practical exercises.

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safety in production

first of all, wang xiaolong, ehs engineer of administrative & personnel department, patiently explained the safety production cautions and safety production methods, the use of fire-fighting equipment & the escape skills in case of indoor fire, and clarified the methods & measures for correctly handling escape, alarm, fire fighting and evacuation in case of fire.


preventing telecom network fraud

miao jia, a community policeman of shengang police station, jiangyin public security bureau, gave a lecture on how to prevent telecom network fraud. the lecture focused on the current trend, common types & prevention measures of telecom network fraud, and educated everyone to be alert to network traps and build a defense line against fraud.


cardiopulmonary resuscitation

dr. huang yun of jiangyin lingang hospital vividly explained the theory & practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of aed. gao lina, a nurse in the emergency department, helped everyone to practice cpr. the golden four minutes is really very important. this time, first aid knowledge was popularized to all employees, giving them more knowledge and more hope!


fire drill

finally, a fire simulation scenario drill was carried out to enable the participants to master the basic knowledge of fire safety, fire-fighting cautions and the basic principles of correctly using fire-fighting equipment & fire escape.

disaster in a flash, prevention at normal times

just as "disasters occur in a flash, prevention shall be conduted at normal times", through this training practice, hualan people have further familiarized themselves with the use of emergency rescue equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, further improved the safety literacy of everyone in production and life, consolidated the foundation of safety prevention & control in the factory, laid a foundation for creating a good safety environment in the factory, and enabled the employees in the factory to "work comfortably and live at ease".

no trifles in life, no child's play in drill!

production safety is a very serious matter,

it is closely related to our life and property safety,

the drill is not a game,

we are taking action to prevent the "fire"before it breaks out!