this summer, the same group building, but different experience!-ag九游会登录j9入口


this summer, the same group building, but different experience!

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life deserves more than just being,

but also poetry and dreamland

work is not only busy from morning to night

there are also rich and colorful group building activities


this summer

hualan people ushered in our own group building day once again

leisure-mode, experiential, training-mode, theme-based, travelling...

come here~

keep up with the pace of editor~

here you can see

distinctive hua lan's little brothers and sisters

have some fun

hualan people is just to have some fun

it doubles our happiness in droves

adults who are busy at work on weekdays

are like flashing back to childhood

not contending for kpi

only share the simplest happiness

the road we have walked is a firm ideal in our heart

great ambition can be realized no matter how difficult it is

food feast

on a still warm weekend

nothing is more exciting than a group building activity

carried out without delay!

get rid of your troubles at work

the content of this group building: eat!

it is not only a group building, but also a delicious feast!

we are a regular army

if no banner, it makes people feel irregular ~

the boss said that pulling banners can attract others' attention

the standard for a good team building is:

willing to participate, emphasizing on experience and ability to succeed

willing to participate:share the team vision and see together. owing to seeing, we believe

emphasizing experience: create the warmth of "home". the way to create the warmth and unity of "home" is to live together or have common experiences

ability to succeed: just as alibaba iron army said:  "a group of brothers, a story, a legend and a lifetime memory"

go all out at work

free and romantic after work

always keep enthusiasm for life

shining in the field we are good at

with a group of like-minded partners

running together on the ideal road

this is the summer of our hualan


last finally

would you like to join us?


join us

the recruitment of hualan npm is launched


foreign trade salesman

technical r&d engineer

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