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hualan reward employees non-utilitarianism

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hualan reward employees non-utilitarianism


hualan reward employees non-utilitarianismabstract: report from our correspondent (reporter huang haiyan) : shao meidi, an ordinary cleanerin preforming workshop of hualan, was appraized as excellent employee in 2009 due to her hard working. on april 6, she received money award at rmb 100 presented by president mr. hua guoping. she was so happy. award that shao meidi received is one of "care-staff preferences" promoted by hualan.


as we have learned, in order to explain new meaning to "happy hualan people" in the new era, that is hualan people is "working, happy and blessed". by the end of 2009, hualan had preliminary invested over rmb1000000 to set "care-staff preferences". as the gradual thorough implementation, about 280 hualan people had obtained such benefits."care-staff preferences" mainly include: rmb 100 per capita for excellent employee; rmb 300 per capita as old consolation at spring festival for any in-service employee whose parent (s) is over 80 years old; rmb 100 per capita for any in-service employee whose daughter or son's final examination results of successive two terms are the first in class and top three in grade and encouragement as per original rules for any in-service employee whose daughter or son is awarded as “three good” student, is admitted to a key university and is the first in county/city level-single course race; in case family member of in-service employee of three years or over who doesn't enjoy medical insurance is seriously ill and medical fee is over rmb50000, remedy at rmb500 for one-off allowance (or decided as per actual situation); rmb50 for employee who joins physical exercise for accumulative 20 hours a month; rmb50 is awarded for employee who attends for 28 days or over a month; rmb100 is awarded for excellent technical professionals, and 20% increased with a base of rmb100 every year for employee who wins such award successively; accumulative award or lifetime award is available in accordance with for employee who brings outstanding contributions on technology, energy-saving, cost reduction and management innovation; community service card is given for accumulative service subsidies in accordance with actual service years and attendance rate of that year; and rmb300 is awarded one-off for employee who gets married after serving for two years and over as well as who bears a baby after serving for three years.

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