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encounter a face to face adversary, the "honesty" will win

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encounter a face to face adversary, the "honesty" will win
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 wang huafeng
on one hand, butyl rubber is in extremely short supply and price suddenly rises; on the other hand, pharmaceutical manufacturers are trying to reduce packaging cost. so one can imagine what survival pressure the current domestic butyl rubber stopper manufacturing industry are bearing. then face to such difficulties, there are many plans to save us, but if anyone intends to fish in troubled waters and wants to establish itself in market by cut corners loss or add something "adulterated", i'm afraid it'll harm others and ourselves. encounter a face to face adversary, the "honesty" will win. as long as strengthen self-disciplinary, quality priority and service excellence, we can successfully "break through".
pharmaceuticals are special commodity for curing the sickness to save patient. only the eligible drug which satisfies legal quality standards can guarantee curative effect and life security of drug user. in this case, there is eligible drug and defective drug only; there is no first quality, second best, off-grade or defective goods. quality of pharmaceutical packaging material will directly affects curative effect and safety of drugs, therefore, the same as drugs, pharmaceutical packaging materials have eligible and defective only. pharmaceutical safety is not a small matter. with the great trust of drug safety, manufacturers and pharmaceutical enterprises of butyl rubber stoppers shall be "honest" enough to clung to the baseline of a corporate citizenship without a narrow vision or take any chance. a proverb says "paper cannot wrap fire ", once problem is exposed, this is far more enterprise to suffer an appalling death rate but also development of the whole pharmaceutical industry will be heavily hammered. setback which serves as a warning to others is not far, the sanlu scandal is worth further thinking.
"honest" means not to go against the stream but be righteous alone in a community where the general moral tone is low. self-discipline is a guarantee for sustainable development of an industry. it is improved by self-regulation and professional ethics for industries all over the world today that any industry without self-discipline will have not count at all. if any industry doesn't actively make a good job of industry self-discipline but passively wait government and authorities for supervision and control, anyone can imagine the effects. self-discipline needs a moral principle of "the whole world murky but i clear" and "in cold winter we can know that the pine and the cypress are the last to shed their leaves". if you don't give up, you won't have hands to take new things. something lost by honest enterprise in not to go against the stream will do be compensated in sustainable development.
"honest" means there's no one left to blame but promote the technical hard skills. quality of butyl rubber stopper mainly depends on its physical properties including color, intensity, if adhered, if any tear, etc. but the most important are its chemical properties, especially compatibility. its physical and chemical properties are mainly affected by the factors including formula and process. rubber stopper manufacturers in developed countries in eu and us attach great importance to the formula, potching and particle control of rubber stoppers and for degree of siliconization, it is possible to test amount of silicone oil upon customer's request. domestic enterprises shall focus on technical innovation and devote more time and energy in product formula and process in order to enhance product's core competitiveness via innovation and occupy more market shares and go out of such difficulties.